Tolling lanes and booths at the entrance to the Humber Bridge; Tolling lanes and booths at the entrance to the Humber Bridge;

Humber Bridge Toll Replacement, Kingston upon Hull, East Yorkshire

The UK’s first hybrid Open Road Tolling system

Developed in 1981, by 2009 it was apparent the Humber Bridge toll system was no longer fit for purpose and a risk to revenue collection. Arup was commissioned by the Humber Bridge Board to identify new options, provide technical, contractual and administrative assistance and support the client in developing and procuring the replacement system.

Arup’s recommendation was for the new hybrid system to incorporate dedicated lanes of Open Road Tolling (ORT); the collection of tolls on toll roads without the use of toll booths, to be used for the first time ever on a bridge in the UK. This would be supplemented with additional lanes to facilitate manual payment at the toll plaza.

The innovative new system enhanced the service offered to communities and industries on both sides of the Humber, a key aspiration of the Humber Bridge Board.

Project Summary

2 Open Road toll lanes

6.5millionvehicles crossing per year

7.4millionin investment

An easier way to pay

The new hybrid system offered a simple pre-classification of vehicles which ensured all payment authorisations could be completed electronically.  To provide transition to future fully electronic revenue collection some toll lanes were equipped with traditional toll booths that allowed a combination of payment methods from cash to contactless cards to accommodate occasional and overseas users of the facility.

Distinctive design 

A characteristic new design for the toll plaza canopy above all traffic lanes accommodated the various electronic equipment necessary to provide, vehicle classification, toll transaction and toll payment compliance equipment.  The under-carriageway service tunnel was upgraded to allow toll booth operators to safely access the other carriageway without crossing the open road toll lanes.

Arup’s staff are flexible, responsive and well-organised ” Peter Hill Bridgemaster, Humber Bridge Board