The Alice Mural, Hunters Point Redevelopment; The Alice Mural, Hunters Point Redevelopment;

Hunters Point redevelopment, San Francisco, CA

Sustainable mixed-use redevelopment of former shipyard

Hunters Point Shipyard was owned and operated by the US Navy from 1867 until 1994, when it was placed under the jurisdiction of the City of San Francisco and designated for redevelopment.

As part of the initiative to revitalise the area while engaging the local community, Arup developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Arup's approach to delivering sustainable strategies to the project involved transport, water and waste, energy, environment and community development.

The plan will help to create a vibrant, attractive community that serves the needs of a wide range of lifestyles, income levels, abilities and backgrounds. This will facilitate the city's broader socioeconomic goals in the neighbourhood, tackling historic environmental and civic challenges such as water contamination and high rates of crime.

Community consultation

The redevelopment of Hunters Point has involved the many stakeholders to ensure the development plan reflects residents’ priorities: reducing crime rates, improving poor health trends and reducing unemployment.

The development plan makes commercial sense for the developer and improves the environment for future generations. The plan also offers a cleaner and brighter future for the residents of Hunters Point, creating over 10,000 new jobs.