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Will we heat our future homes with hydrogen?

The UK government has demanding CO2 emission targets to achieve by 2050. We have been appointed to oversee and deliver a programme assessing one of its heat decarbonisation options within its Clean Growth Strategy. This work will assist in laying the groundwork to enable the government to make decisions in the first half of the next decade about the long-term future of heat – as heating homes, businesses and industry accounts for nearly half of all energy use in the UK and a third of our carbon emissions.

We’ve been commissioned by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) as the lead programme manager for the £25 million ‘Hydrogen for Heat’ programme. The three-year feasibility study aims to establish if it is technically possible and safe to replace methane with hydrogen in commercial and residential buildings and gas appliances. Hydrogen’s potential lies in the fact it does not release carbon dioxide during combustion – a key advantage over methane and other hydrocarbons. 

The focus of the programme is addressing two of the biggest challenges with hydrogen: safety issues associated with using hydrogen in buildings, and the need to develop domestic appliances to burn hydrogen rather than methane. 

Project Summary

£25m study

3 yearprogramme

10 interrelated work packages

Providing an integrated service 

Our blend of advisory skills and experience in delivering complex, innovative and technical multi-stakeholder programmes has been chosen to assist the UK government’s decision-making on future policies and measures to achieve its carbon reduction targets. This programme draws upon a range of our areas of expertise, including: programme and change management, technical and safety risk management, commercial procurement and contract management, and stakeholder engagement. 

The Hy4Heat programme looks at decarbonising heat and replacing methane with hydrogen.
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We are project managing, on BEIS’s behalf, a number of interrelated work packages and co-ordinating the relationships between high profile individuals and organisations that all have a stake in the Hy4Heat programme. The success of this innovation programme is reliant on creating opportunities for organisations to collaborate and work together. The Hy4Heat team is itself a group of technical experts and specialists, from a range of organisations, led by Arup to deliver this challenging and time-constrained programme. We are trusted to balance the need for an inclusive collaborative approach, while still appreciating and respecting commercial interests of individual companies taking part and ensuring good value for the public purse. 

Potential wider community benefits 

We are also responsible for identifying potential locations for community trials should the government decide to commission these. As part of the preparation work we are developing plans for wider public engagement and outlining potential opportunities to assist stimulate local and regional economies through this activity.