London bus. Image: Aron Van de Pol, Unsplash; London bus. Image: Aron Van de Pol, Unsplash;

Hydrogen London, London

Assessing capacity for hydrogen fuel for buses

Arup supported Hydrogen London to understand the technical and commercial performance of stationary fuel cells and electrolysers for use within a tri-generation system.

The analysis was undertaken on a single system which would have the capacity to operate in a ‘tri-generation’ mode to supply a local heat network, export electricity and provide hydrogen transport fuel for buses.

Arup completed a series of meetings with key members of the Hydrogen London steering group to gain a better understanding of their systems, technical and financial information as well as provide an opportunity for the partners to comment on initial system proposals.


Supporting the development of hydrogen use in transport and stationary applications in London

We evaluated feasible capacities of the supplies, and provided a techno-economic analysis of optimum system configurations for a range of primary criteria:

  • Size of hydrogen bus fleet

  • Size of heat network

  • Value of the project to the investor

  • Carbon abatement potential

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