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IBM ITP manufacturing facility; IBM ITP manufacturing facility;

IBM ITP Manufacturing Facility, Shenzhen

Lead designer on this high specification facility for IBM in China.

Arup acted as the lead designer on this high specification facility for IBM in China. The firm was responsible for the engineering design of all mechanicalelectrical and structural design elements, as well as providing specialist design services for the project.  

The IBM ITP (Technology Products) building comprises a steel superstructure with two double-height floors, each with a gross floor area of 10,000m2, and a mezzanine floor above the ground level. The exterior consists of a mixture of steel and GFRC (glass fibre reinforced concrete) cladding panels to reflect the high-technology purpose of the building.

The building houses administrative offices and its own cafeteria, clean laundry, workshop and warehouse facilities.

Project Summary

10,000m² GFA

5,600m²clean room with state of the art facilities

Ballroom size clean room

The clean room occupies over 5,600m2 of the ground floor as a single, wide-span ballroom space, containing multiple clean spaces to suit a variety of operations.

The clean room spaces have been achieved by using fan filter units, located in the ceiling grid, to supply air through ultra-low penetration air filters. The highest class areas were supplied by secondary air-handling units, located in the plenum and re-circulating within the space. Primary fresh air units provide cool, dry, clean air to the space to maintain the necessary pressure profiles, humidity control and indoor air quality.