Entrance to IKEA Cheras; Entrance to IKEA Cheras;

IKEA Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

A sustainable retail store that meets both local and international green standards

Reigning as the largest IKEA store in Malaysia, the two-storey IKEA Cheras boasts 56 showrooms, a 780-seat restaurant and over 1,700 parking bays in two underground carparks. Arup delivered a multidisciplinary design solution with energy efficient and sustainable features complying with Green Building Index (GBI) Gold and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold requirements.

IKEA Cheras is a five minute drive from the city centre in what was previously a less vibrant part of the town.  The neighbourhood has now undergone an urban renewal and is bustling. In addition, the Cochrane MRT station links the store with the adjacent shopping mall, MyTown, also an Arup project.

Effective foundation and structural solutions

Our team adopted a raft foundation to take advantage of the site geology which had shallow limestone bedrock. This solution was cost effective as it also adequately addressed underground cavity issues. The structural scheme comprised typical precast components and prestressed concrete enabling fast tracked construction while meeting the building’s complexity as a retail mall.

Project Summary

41,000m2 of retail space


1,700parking bays

Aerial view of IKEA Cheras which is adjacent to MyTown shopping mall, also an Arup project Aerial view of IKEA Cheras which is adjacent to MyTown shopping mall, also an Arup project

Local and international green gold standards

Arup designed high-performance mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems in response to the client’s brief for a sustainable building complying to GBI Gold and LEED Gold ratings.

We reduced dependency on public potable water (SYABAS water) by devising rain water harvesting systems with a capacity of 135,000 litres for toilet flushing as well as grey water recycling for landscape irrigation. We integrated configured chillers with reduced redundancy to achieve part load and cost efficiency.

Inside the GBI Gold-rated IKEA store at Cheras Inside the GBI Gold-rated IKEA store at Cheras

Variable Speed Drive (VSD) motors in all major fans were utilised for airflow modulation to further reduce electrical consumption by approximately 33%. Other features included LED lighting with daylight and motion sensors to optimise energy efficiency as well as busbar trunking for lighting systems to enable flexibility and fast installation.