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Indemann Viewing Tower; Indemann Viewing Tower;

Indemann Viewing Tower, Inden

Steel robot watchtower dressed in LED lights

The German town of Inden commissioned a large observation tower located on top of a mound consisting of soil from the former open-cast mining excavation around Inden. The tower is open to the public to climb the 216 steps or take the lift up and enjoy the panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

The tower is in the form of a large robot man, hence the name 'Indemann' (the man of the town of Inden). It has two legs, a torso, a head, one hanging arm and one arm outstretched.

The large steel structure is 36m high and has four levels of viewing platforms.

Arup provided the structural engineering for this large observation tower which is built from 280 tonnes of structural steel.

The skeleton of the Indemann is clad by a metal mesh façade with integrated LED lights. These can be illuminated in a variety of colours changing throughout the night.