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Independent Audit of the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment, Molonglo, ACT

Protecting Molonglo

The Molonglo Valley, near Canberra, ACT, is a growing region primed for urban development. It is also rich in ‘Matters of National Environmental Significance’ (MNES) such as the populations of the Pink-tailed Worm-lizard, Superb and Swift parrots, Grasslands and Box-Gum woodland. All are protected under the Commonwealth Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, through the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment.

It was our role to undertake an independent audit of the Strategic Assessment, to ensure that it is being implemented as it should. It is key to ensuring accountability and verifying that the ACT Government is delivering on its commitments to conservation.

We worked alongside the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, tasked with delivering the audit under Ministerial Direction.

Project Summary

1st independent audit

2ndonly audit against the EPBC Act in Australia

5 MNESincluding critically endangered species

The first of its kind

This is the first independent audit to track development taken in the Molonglo Valley to make sure that it avoids unacceptable impacts on matters protected under national environment law.

We identified broad systemic risks and commitment-specific risks to the ability of the ACT to meet the commitments of the Strategic Assessment. We took great care in the design of the document, creating a user-friendly, interactive report to ensure maximum engagement. It has since been highly praised by recipients, from Government to other stakeholders.

The beauty of the final document and its ability to communicate outcomes to the community, along with the combined passion and collaboration with our client, and others, makes this the best audit I have ever worked on. ”

Therese Flapper Therese Flapper Former Australasia Water Skills Leader

The Commissioner, Professor Kate Auty, provided the Independent Audit of the Molonglo Valley Strategic Assessment to the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability in May 2018. It was tabled in the Legislative Assembly and released in June 2018.

The ACT Government has six months to provide a response to the twelve recommendations within this report.

Molonglo River from Barrer Hill © Kate Auty Molonglo River from Barrer Hill © Kate Auty