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InnoCell at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks, Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s pilot MiC project

InnoCell is the first multi-storey residential building in Hong Kong that has adopted modular integrated construction (MiC) technology.

The 17-storey building, comprising 418 MiC modules, serves as a modern smart living and co-creation community offering 393 residential units of accommodation for talent and incubates from the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks.

Arup’s MEP team advised on system design and technical coordination, particularly taking account of MiC construction sequence and consideration.

Project Summary

17storey building

418MiC modules

393residential units

A showcase of construction innovation

The project exemplifies the pioneering adoption of the MiC technology – a construction method that enables offsite manufacturing in a prefabrication factory, followed by on-site installation. This approach can significantly reduce onsite construction processes and improve building productivity.

Our MEP team coordinated with different government departments including Water Supplies Department, Fire Services Department and Buildings Department on formulating the statutory submission procedures and quality control requirements for this new construction method.

Smooth delivery with digital tools

Digital tools were used throughout the construction process to increase efficiency, productivity and resilience.

We applied building information modelling (BIM) technology which allowed all MEP pipework and equipment to be well coordinated with the structural framework and internal fixtures on the computer model. This enabled a seamless assembly by the contractor and enhanced the accuracy of services coordination.

In addition, we adopted a digital works supervision system with unique identification QR code being assigned to each module. The management team could monitor the overall prefabrication progress and each individual module remotely. The resident site staff also made use of video communication software for conducting real-time virtual inspections.

Paving the way

The successful completion of the project is expected to pave the way in the Hong Kong construction industry for use of MiC in wider applications, enhancing building productivity and safety, construction quality and sustainability in Hong Kong.