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International Commerce Center, Hong Kong

The tallest building in Hong Kong

International Commerce Center (ICC) is the centerpiece of the MTR Kowloon Station Development. At 484m high, the 118-storey tower isHong Kong’s tallest building and was the fifth tallest in the world when completed. 

The building houses exclusive grade A offices and a world-class hotel at the top. The main structural skeleton of the tower is formed from a high modulus, concrete inner core wall, steel and pre-stressed concrete outrigger structures and eight mega columns on the perimeter.

ICC and the Two International Finance Centre Tower (420m, also design-engineered by Arup) on the opposite shore have formed a stunning gateway across the Victoria Harbour, adding a fresh dimension to the city’s skyline for the 21st century.

Project Summary

484m The tallest building in Hong Kong

118storeyHouses exclusive grade A offices and a world-class hotel at the top.

Laying solid foundations

ICC is located above a major fault zone with difficult geological conditions, which makes normal end-bearing piling system unviable. Following a series of detailed studies and comparison of various foundation types, shaft grouted friction barrettes were chosen as the foundation system.

ICC is the first private development in Hong Kong that has adopted this special system to enhance the friction capacity of the piles. A designed volume of cement grout was injected into the soil-pile interface to improve the contact between the barrettes and the surrounding soil. The lateral pressure, due to this injection grouting, compacted the surrounding soil at the interface, which was softened or loosened during trench excavation. With this enhancement in the lateral pressure, the frictional capacity of the barrettes has been significantly increased.

Since shaft grounding is a new technique in Hong Kong for barrettes construction, five trial piles and four working barrettes were constructed for testing. The results turned out to be satisfactory in load carrying capacity as well as settlement performance.