IP5 weaves through difficult, mountainous terrain.; IP5 weaves through difficult, mountainous terrain.;

IP5 Beiras Litoral E Alta Motorway, Northern Portugal

Arup provided expertise and advice on aspects of this motorway project.

The IP5 Beiras Litoral E Alta Motorway has been funded as a public-private project (PPP). Lenders in these types of projects require comprehensive and competent advice to enable them to minimise risk and maximise revenue. Arup’s range of skills and expertise gives confidence to these lenders enabling them to make the best financial decisions at all stages of a project.

Arup’s experience in working for both concession companies and governments across the world ensures lenders receive the best advice regarding technical and risk allocations of a project.

Arup has provided independent expertise and advice on all environmental and technical matters for the IP5 Beiras Litoral E Alta Motorway. This advice was provided during the bid and concession negotiation stages and continued throughout the design and construction period.

The new IP5 Motorway route weaves through difficult mountainous terrain and Arup’s knowledge of highway alignment design, large earthworks, major viaducts and construction management and programming created significant value to the client.


Environmental issues continue to be influential in projects and lenders can be reluctant to lend money to projects that don't address them. Arup’s role is to ensure that projects are developed in a socially responsible manner, in accordance with sound environmental management practices.

Arup maintains an ongoing role to provide an annual review of the operation and maintenance of the highway for the full 30-year concession period, as well as working on a series of other concessions with AENOR.