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Istanbul International Financial Centre, Istanbul

Helping Istanbul become one of the top 20 financial centres in the world.

Istanbul's ambition

Istanbul has the ambition to become one of the top 20 financial centres in the world. To achieve this target, Istanbul International Financial Centre (IIFC) will be developed. This will become a major business district serving many banks, autonomous public institutions, multi-national companies and their related back offices and service firms.

Arup provided a combination of services, such as geotechnical, infrastructural, structural, mechanical, electrical, transportation, sustainability, ICT and security design services during the Masterplan Design Guideline Preparation Stage.

Focal point

The development area is around 1Mm2 and consists of 723,00m2 of office spaces, retail, residential buildings, hotel, conference centre for 2,000 delegates, mosques, schools, car parking and other community facilities. 

The new area will bring the key banking institutes together. Once the current plans for the area are realised, the Financial Centre district will become a focal point not only for Istanbul or Türkiye, but also for the international finance and business circles.

The project spans to 70ha of land and the estimated population of the area is around 30,000 people.

Arup's design helps Istanbul becoming one of the top financial centres in the world.

Resilience, Security and Risk

As part of an international multidisciplinary team led from Istanbul, Arup’s Resilience, Security and Risk Practice developed a comprehensive threat analysis and security concept for the city's new financial zone, being developed in the Asian suburbs of the city.

The IIFC will have an anticipated working day population of 100,000 people all protected by best-in-class security systems.