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Istanbul Marina Transport Services; Istanbul Marina Transport Services;

Istanbul Marine Transport Services, Istanbul

We helped the municipality of Istanbul to privatise the marine transport services

Istanbul Marina Transport Services (IDO) is a municipal corporation providing ferry and passenger services in Istanbul province and neighbouring provinces.The municipality of Istanbul privatised intercity lines of IDO. 

Arup provided technical and operational consultancy services as well as maritime and transaction advice services for the privatisation, which was led by the consortium Finansinvest. We also assessed the current existing infrastructure, fleet, shipping services and the other assets as well as the potential operating models for IDO.

Arup was also asked to review the IDO Information Technology System and perform a benchmark against other similar systems used by ferry corporations worldwide. A detailed traffic forecast by shipping route was developed. Furthermore Arup performed identification of additional vessel needs and recommended additional investments in terms of types of vessels, capacity (number of seats) and basic technical information (consumption, speed, etc.)

The financing of the project won the 'Deal of the Year - Infrastructure Acquisition award 2011' by the Infrastructure Journal.