Jerome Robbins Theater; Jerome Robbins Theater;

Jerome Robbins Theater, New York, NY

238-seat performance space with adjustable acoustic systems

Working with architects WASA/Studio A, Arup’s integrated theatre consulting and acoustics team worked closely together on this transformation of an unpopular venue with poor sightlines.

The new space needed to serve dance, movement and music and as a home for one of the most technical theatre companies in the world, The Wooster Group.

Challenging site

The limited floor space is maximised by making excellent use of space-efficient rigging systems overhead and innovative rigging positions along the side walls.

A media control cockpit is integrated within the seating bank, providing technical staff with a control position right in the heart of the audience without disrupting views of the stage.

Flexible acoustic systems

The performance space is fully equipped to accommodate the needs of artists from various disciplines. The intimate auditorium has excellent sightlines for dance performances on the deep stage.

Adjustable variable acoustic systems were integrated into the building design, allowing the room acoustic to be optimised for the performance style.

The Baryshnikov Arts Center was established in 2005 to serve as a creative laboratory, meeting place and performance space for a vibrant community of artists from around the world.

Normally, architecture doesn't make me gush and swoon, but after the wave of chilly new theaters ... it's past time to get excited when somebody finally gets theater design right. ” Helen Shaw Time Out