Kalkbult PV; Kalkbult PV;

Kalkbult PV, De Aar, Northern Cape

A 75MW photovoltaic power plant including over 300,000 PV modules

Arup was the lenders technical advisor for this 75MW photovoltaic power plant, which completed in July 2014. This utility-scale plant includes over 300,000 PV modules.

Arup conducted risk assessments for the lender. These consider all technical aspects of the project from engineering analysis of the equipment and design, through to transaction advice and engineering expertise in optimizing the construction and operations & maintenance contracts for financial close.

Arup provided key technical advice from pre-bid stage This project required significant technical support in the contract negotiation as well as commissioning phases. It was vital to ensure that both the EPC and operations and maintenance contractors had adequate responsibility for the plant’s operating performance to ensure best value to the developer and the lender.