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Kanyon helipad; Kanyon helipad;

Kanyon helipad, Istanbul

The first elevated steel heliport in Istanbul

The elevated heliport located on the roof of the office tower of the Kanyon Complex provides transportation to commercial users, as well as the users of the complex.

With a diameter of 32m, the platform of the elevated heliport was designed according to the international Regulation for Heliport Construction and Operation (SHY-14B) following the feasibility reports prepared by Arup´s aviation group.

The heliport has the capacity to carry helicopters with a maximum take-off weight of 5,300kg and the elastomer is placed under each column to minimize the vibrations that might occur during the landing of the helicopter.

The load bearing system of the heliport is designed in steel for its lightness and easiness to apply the details. The platform is planned 5.6m above the top of the roof to have adequate landing and take-off distances.

Arup provided load bearing steel system, mechanicalelectrical and lighting design services for the elevated heliport.

As the system was going to be made on the 117.5m elevation of the existing building, Arup also made a pilot assembly to obtain the most suitable details and to avoid any problems during the application.