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Aerial view of a treatment plant. Creidt; Kapjasa; Aerial view of a treatment plant. Creidt; Kapjasa;

Katowice Sorting Plant, Katowice

Extension of an existing Waste Treatment Plant

The Municipal Waste Disposal Company (MPGK) in Katowice planned an extension of the existing Waste Treatment Plant to facilitate municipal waste sorting lines and Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) production.

This new extension will have a capacity of 65 k Mg/ year for a single-shift system of work and will allow for separation of the biodegradable waste and its transport to the existing composting plant.

Separation of the recyclable fraction and the high calorific fraction will reduce the amount of waste to be disposed of in landfill.
The separated high calorific waste will then be reprocessed at the proposed RDF production facility.

Arup prepared the procurement design & specification for delivery and installation of technological units and implementation of construction works; and also prepared an investment cost estimate for buildings and civil works and assisted the client during the tendering process.