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KingKey100, Shenzhen

realising the tower’s resilience under the wind and seismic conditions

At 441.8m tall, Kingkey 100 is the 2nd tallest building in Shenzhen, and an iconic landmark addition to Cai Wuwei, Luohu District in Shenzhen.

The tower houses 100-storeys of mixed-use commercial, retail and hotel facilities. One basement retail floor that is connected directly to a metro station, leads to over 70 storeys of grade-A office space, 20 storeys of a luxury six-star hotel, and encased in the crowning sky garden of the top three floors, there will be a variety of fine dining choices with sweeping views of Shenzhen.

Arup led the multi-disciplinary engineering up to the preliminary design stage. Given the slender nature of the building, up to a slenderness ratio of 9.5, our team of structural engineers designed a solution that combines three different kinds of structural systems to ensure lateral stability.

Project Summary

441.8m in height - 2nd tallest building in Shenzhen

100storey with commercial, retail and hotel facilities

9.5slenderness ratio for the building

Performance-based wind and fire engineering design

We also led performance-based wind and fire engineering design for the project. During our performance-based wind engineering design, we invited the client to experience and then accept the anticipated peak acceleration of the building using a motion simulator operated by the HKUST, and have a performance-based inter-storey drift of h/450 – codified limit is h/500 – approved by the formal expert panel.

The tailor-made fire engineering design goes above and beyond the existing building codes. Arup’s fire engineers successfully proposed a fire safety strategy that pushed the separation between refuge floors to 19-storeys, four more than the codified requirement of 15-storeys.