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The building can be compared to a modern fortress that communicates with the city.; The building can be compared to a modern fortress that communicates with the city.;

KMar Amsterdam, Amsterdam

Various engineering services for new building of the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Our structural design and building services realised Wansleben Architects' vision for a building like a fortress that communicates with the city. Situated in the navy barracks, the new building draws on the history and architecture of the local area.

The concrete façade is covered with dark natural stone and has 1,750 identical windows arranged in a strict grid. Although the building appears to be fortified and opaque, it still communicates with the outside world. In the daytime the glass reflects the movement of water in the dock. At night, the façade changes  according to which rooms are in use and lit up.

The building's structure reflects its fortress-like character. Police officers access the building via ramps and folding gates to reach a two level inner courtyard.

On the lower level, this courtyard offers space for parking, on the higher level is a garden filled with greenery. Here generous windows flood the offices with light.

While the outer façade wraps the buildings in a protective shield and creates distance, the inner courtyard provides a pleasant working environment and we applied natural ventilation for adjacent offices.

Other offices in the building use a mechanical supply, and the concrete core activation in our design provides heating and cooling in an energy efficient way. This is supplemented by the convectors. We equipped the building with photovoltaic panels, which meet a part of the energy demand.