Kocaeli LRT; Kocaeli LRT;

Kocaeli light rapid transit, Kocaeli

33km rail link with 23 stations to promote connectivity in the developing city of Kocaeli.

The Turkish city of Kocaeli, in the Marmara region, is a city with a population of 1.6 million people is  experiencing a rapidly evolving industrial sector and an intense demand for housing due to immigration.

In order to improve the urban functions and solve the existing transportation problems and bottlenecks, and within the framework of the "2025 Kocaeli Transportation Master Plan and Priority Public Transportation Systems Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study"; a new light rail transit (LRT) will be developed.

With a length of 33km and consisting of 23 stations, the LRT project will link the main districts of Kocaeli. The line would be mainly run through a tunnel with some potential at-grade and viaduct sections.

The design approach

We have carried out a feasibility and preliminary engineering study; developing optional selection studies and multi-disciplinary preliminary designs for the chosen option. 

We have also provided multidisciplinary railway design services including alignment, architectural, mechanical, electrical and ICT design.

The design was intended to be closer to the users and creates a new catalyst for regeneration, delivering an efficient, accessible and intermodal public transport able to integrate rail, LRT, tram and buses and to promote connectivity in the city.