Labradore Nature & Coastal Walk. Photo: Jeremy San; Labradore Nature & Coastal Walk. Photo: Jeremy San;

Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk, Singapore

The official opening of the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk

Residents living in the southern part of Singapore can enjoy a new leisure playground with the official opening of the Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk on 2 January 2012. 

Conceptualised and developed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA), the design was further developed for implementation by Arup, DCA Architects and ICN Design International. The team sought to preserve and display the natural environment of one of Singapore’s few remaining mangrove areas, which is home to a diverse variety of plants and animals; onshore and off.

Taking a holistic approach, Arup thought through the entire construction process and its impact on the various endangered species that made this nature reserve its home. The boardwalk was designed to maximise the use of concrete precast elements. This serves to minimise the ecological impact to the mangrove and seabed, and other environmental issues such as sedimentation and water quality. The structure is also resilient enough to withstand the high tides and impact of waves from passing ships, without the need for further prevention barriers.

"Arup provided a comprehensive environmentally-sensitive construction design that was a critical part of this nature boardwalk, roping in expertise beyond their scope of works."
- Lee Howe Ming, Urban Redevelopment Authority ”

Providing a natural oasis of calm, visitors can now enter charming mangrove and coastal areas, which were previously inaccessible, and experience the rich biodiversity amidst butterfly-attracting foliage and breathtaking views of Singapore’s southern coast.