Our concept design for the Leeds Residual Waste Management Centre is the result of close collaboration between client organisations, and a integrated team of Arup engineers and architects. 

Adding efficiency to energy recovery 

Arup’s design concept sought to optimise the efficiency of the waste recycling and energy recovery process, whilst responding to constraints imposed by the presence of disused wastewater treatment infrastructure and former mine workings beneath the site. A compact footprint and careful location of the facility within the site meant the need for high-cost sub-structures was avoided.

As well as developing the concept design for the facility, Arup was an integral part of the bid delivery team. Disciplines involved in developing the bid included civil and structural engineering, HV electrical design, planning, environmental and sustainability consultancy, energy trading and integrated communications technology.

The team’s proposed solution included incorporating a material recycling facility to extract recyclable materials from the municipal waste stream. This was done by thermally treating the residual fraction along with the commercial and industrial wastes in a 260,000 tonnes per annum Combined Heat and Power energy recovery facility.

Sustainable waste management

The project was conceived by Arup to illustrate the benefits that could be achieved by co-locating a solid waste treatment infrastructure with wastewater treatment. Electricity generated by the facility would be used to power the wastewater treatment process, and heat from the facility would be used in the advanced treatment of sewage sludge to produce even more energy, as well as in an adjacent factory. At the same time, the facility would be a catalyst for the regeneration of a large area of East Leeds and would serve as an energy hub for the development.

The concept could not have been achieved without strong working relationships between Arup and the Aire Valley Environmental joint venture partners, Covanta Energy Ltd and Kelda Water Services.