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Masterplan de Logroño; Masterplan de Logroño;

Logroño masterplan, Montecorvo, Logroño,

Urban area meets its own energy demands through renewable energy technologies

The site in the North of Logroño sits on the two hills of La Fonsalada and Montecorvo, offering a view over the city and the rolling hills to the south. The compact masterplan takes up only 10% of the site. The development meanders through the landscape, every apartment offering views over the city.

Arup is involved in this project as sustainability, wind and water consultant.

The 56ha urban area is able to meet its own energy demands through renewable energy technologies, making it CO2 neutral.

The masterplan includes sports facilities, restaurants, infrastructure, 3,000 houses, public parks and private gardens. Infrastructure includes a grey water circuit, on-site water purification system, cable car lift, museum and a centre for renewable energy technology.