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Lok Ma Chau Loop; Lok Ma Chau Loop;

Lok Ma Chau Loop, Hong Kong

The first joint goverment to develop a low-carbon community

Following the realignment of the Shenzhen River, which serves as the administrative boundary between Hong Kong and Shenzhen, the Lok Ma Chau Loop (the Loop) is now situated to the south of the river and falls within the boundary of Hong Kong.

The planning and development of the Loop was announced by the Hong Kong Chief Executive as one of ten major infrastructure projects for the economic growth of the city. The Hong Kong government is working with Shenzhen authorities to tap land resources from the Loop to meet future development needs, consolidate the strategic position of Hong Kong and Shenzhen in the Pan-Pearl River Delta region and to benefit the long-term economic development of the two cities.

Comprehensive study

Arup has been appointed to undertake a 28-month comprehensive planning and preliminary design study of the Loop and adjoining area. This will be the first low-carbon development in south China to be jointly developed by the two governments.

Project Summary

1st jointly low-carbon development by Hong Kong and Shenzhen governments

28-monthplanning and preliminary design study

The Lok Ma Chau Loop will be developed into a low carbon community. ©PlanD/CEDD/SZMUPLRC