In 2019, Lambeth Council was the first London borough to declare a climate emergency. The council committed to reducing carbon emissions, adopting more sustainable practices and adapting to pressing climate challenges, such as extreme weather events. Lambeth Council wanted to take the lead in London and set a target to reach net-zero emissions from council operations by 2030.

Arup was asked to support the creation of the councils Climate Action Plan (CAP). One key aspect of our work was deep technical analysis, working with the big emitters in the borough and the council team. The other was forming a strong connection with the community, engaging with residents, community groups and large anchor institutions, to ensure the plan was specific to Lambeth.

We developed a localised, bespoke CAP for Lambeth Council that lays out the case for action and sets measurable goals for 2030 including.

As a result of our inclusive, collaborative approach there is real ownership of the plan across all parts of the borough, through which everyone can play a part in achieving Lambeth’s ambitious climate goals.

Arup took an inclusive approach ensuring a diversity of voices, insights, and lived experiences were captured in the development of Lambeth’s Climate Action Plan.

Cassidy Travis

Programmes and Partnerships Lead, Lambeth Council