Lorong Kuda highway in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city; Lorong Kuda highway in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city;

Lorong Kuda Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur

Innovative tunnel design eases traffic congestion on Lorong Kuda

Lorong Kuda, among the busiest roads in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), provides access to economic opportunities and tourist attractions, including premier mall Suria KLCC and the world’s tallest twin-skyscrapers PETRONAS Twin Towers. Lorong Kuda is also a critical access road for commercial and residential developments.

To improve traffic flow and reduce carbon emissions caused by vehicle petrol wastage, Arah Moden Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of KLCC Property Holdings Bhd) appointed us as the engineer to redesign Lorong Kuda into a new dual-three carriageway road tunnel. This upgrade improves traffic flow and better connectivity from surface road to basement carpark, provides a safer, more flood-resilient road for travellers, and enhances connectivity for Kuala Lumpur dwellers.

The new dual-three carriageway Lorong Kuda tunnel (which opened in early 2022) mobilised a total of six lanes: three ingress lanes from Jalan Tun Razak towards Suria KLCC basement carpark and three egress lanes from Suria KLCC basement towards Lorong Kuda and Jalan Tun Razak.

We provided technical expertise in alignment, drainage, geotechnics, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire engineering, tunnel ventilation and underground utilities coordination.

Project Summary

3 lanes dual carriageway

19mdepth of diaphragm wall

2050carbon neutral goal for Kuala Lumpur

Applying technical expertise in tunnelling and engineering

We identified several complexities during the schematic design stage. There was a working space of 40 metres with a leeway movement of only 15mm within the underground MRT rail reserve. Outside our boundary walls were crucial city developments including towers, basements, residential properties, an embassy building and the new Persiaran KLCC MRT station.

Construction on the underground MRT station was in progress during this stage and upgrading works had to be completed before the tunnel boring machine (TBM) passed through the proposed Lorong Kuda tunnel. 

The proposed Lorong Kuda tunnel needed to optimise traffic flow and cater for current and future increased traffic volume.

To solve these challenges, our multidisciplinary team designed and reconstructed the road tunnel and reconfigured the road junction at ground level surface – from schematic stage to detailed design and construction.

Our deep understanding of narrow road reserves, various types of underground utilities, high ground water level conditions and complex work programmes, ensured the road tunnel section at the TBM crossing to be completed on time.

Tunnel engineering for Lorong Kuda. © Arah Moden Sdn. Bhd. Tunnel engineering for Lorong Kuda. © Arah Moden Sdn. Bhd.
Tunnel engineering for Lorong Kuda. © Arah Moden Sdn. Bhd.

Creating safer urban transport solutions to ease traffic congestion

The road and surrounding passages needed to be operational during the upgrade to provide connectivity and accessibility, and to support Kuala Lumpur as an international commercial and tourist destination.

During construction, we ensured Lorong Kuda was open to essential freight, as the Suria KLCC mall basement is also the main loading bay for freight and movement of goods in the area. 

By employing a steel deck, we could safely allow Lorong Kuda to operate during upgrading works with live traffic above while earth excavation for tunnelling works progressed below the deck. This approach implemented better planning and sequence without disrupting traffic flow.

City dwellers commuted as usual while we staged out construction in several phases and kept all lanes open. Construction noises were drawn to a minimum to preserve a healthy environment for inhabitants.

We shape safer, more resilient infrastructures and enhance urban connectivity to create an environment where people feel happier, healthier, and more connected. ” Nizar Mansor Nizar Mansor Malaysia Highways Business Leader

The upgraded Lorong Kuda has eased traffic congestion and created safer passage for pedestrians, tourists and the community. The impact of this upgrade has improved the lives of residents, contributing to a more liveable city. According to Traffic Impact Assessment report by the road’s traffic consultant, the new Lorong Kuda has improved the Level of Service (LOS) from LOS F to LOS C by reducing 17 per cent of Passenger Car Unit per hour at morning and evening peak.

Our upgrade works to create safer, more resilient road infrastructure supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 9: industry, innovation and infrastructure.