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Macau LRT East Line; Macau LRT East Line;

Macau Light Rail Transit East Line, Macau

Facilitating transportation and fostering cross-boundary travel

Macau has grown rapidly in recent years and the existing bus services will be insufficient to accommodate the future demand for public transport. The Light Rail Transit (LRT) is being planned to expand public transport and to improve traffic conditions. Upon completion the LRT will connect the Macau Peninsula and Taipa Island in the East via reclaimed land.

Arup was commissioned to conduct transportation pre-feasibility studies for the East Line of the Macau LRT. We constructed a cross-regional transport model and comprehensive LRT model, in order to forecast the travel pattern and passenger volume for the selection of appropriate routes. We studied and developed alignment options, conducted analysis on project feasibility and began preliminary concept design.

As part of this study, our economics and policy team also advised the government on 'Rail + Property' development models which could be used to finance rail development in Macau and provide economic and social benefits to the community. The study analysed supply and demand in terms of transactions and price for commercial, retail and residential space in the local property market and identified a suitable mix to accompany the rail development within stations, above ground and surrounding areas. Recommendations were made in the context of social and economic factors and the influences from other transport projects in Macau and Mainland China.