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Masterpiece (K11); Masterpiece (K11);

The Masterpiece (K11), Hong Kong

The slenderest building in Hong Kong that does not use a damping system

The Masterpiece is a 100,000m² mixed-use development boasting retailhotel and residential facilities with stunning views of Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour.

The tower is 280m tall from foundation with an overall breadth of 24m. It is currently one of the slimmest buildings in Hong Kong that does not employ a damping system. It is also the first commercial building in Hong Kong to use pre-cast façade. This reduced construction waste because no timber falsework, formwork or in-situ concreting was conducted.

Project Summary

280m tall mixed-use development

24mbreadth, slenderest building in Hong Kong

10mdeep reinforced concrete outrigger beams structure 

Stabilisation system

The lateral stability of this slender building is provided by the central shear core wall, a number of coupled shear walls on two sides of the tower, and a column-beam framework at the podium and basement.

To improve overall building stiffness, two 10m-deep reinforced concrete outrigger beams are installed in the podium and aligned with the main central core wall to couple with two mega columns in the podium. Walls are post-tensioned to keep them in constant compression and reduce tensile strain resulting from lateral loads. Deflection limit is met by the use of un-cracked concrete and stiffening effect of post-tensioned concrete.

The project received the Grand Award in the Hong Kong Structural Excellence awards 2010.

Wind tunnel tests were performed for this slender tower, and results comply with ISO6897.  The natural frequency of the building is 0.157Hz, and the maximum peak acceleration response is 13.6 mil-g – well within acceptable magnitudes.

The project received the Grand Award in the Hong Kong Projects Composite and Commercial Buildings Category at the Structural Excellence Award 2010, organised by the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers/The Institution of Structural Engineers Joint Structural Division (HKIE/IStructE JSD).