Aerial view of Mayo-Galway Pipeline; Aerial view of Mayo-Galway Pipeline;

Mayo-Galway Pipeline, West of Ireland

Major extension of the gas transmission network to the West of Ireland

The Mayo-Galway Pipeline project involves a 150km extension of the gas transmission network to the West of Ireland, terminating at the Shell Corrib Terminal.

Arup provided a full range of project management and engineering services for this pipeline and was responsible for the delivery of the project from the concept stage through to the design, the permitting process, the procurement, to the mechanical completion of the system, including testing and pre-commissioning. 

A challenging route

The pipeline route was particularly challenging because of difficult and varying ground conditions, sensitive environmental habitats, and poor road access in many areas. The most notable difficulties were intact blanket bogs (peat bogs) which meant difficult design and construction conditions (very soft ground to depths of up to 10m in places) in highly sensitive environmental habitats.

Arup routed and designed the pipeline, and prepared the Environmental Impact Statement for the project. Arup was also responsible for liaising and negotiating with the relevant authorities and statutory consultees to get approval for final construction methods, if necessary.

Arup also managed the specification, procurement, acceptance and storage of all materials required for the project, and the procurement and administration of the main construction contract. As the project was impacted by delays associated with the Shell Corrib Terminal project, the construction of the main section of the pipeline was delayed and finally completed by October 2006.

A 17km advance-works section of the pipeline was constructed in 2004 to bring gas to Galway City. The final tie-in to the Corrib Terminal was carried out in the summer of 2009. The overall pipeline project was completed and commissioned in October 2009.