Melrose Arch multipurpose project. Photo credit: Graham Wilson; Melrose Arch multipurpose project. Photo credit: Graham Wilson;

Melrose Arch, Johannesburg

310,000m2 mixed-use development, delivered in five phases

Melrose Arch is a major private sector mixed-use development and is part of the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council’s development strategy.

Arup’s initial involvement was in undertaking an economic impact analysis. This study was key to securing the development rights for the entire precinct – demonstrating that significant economic benefits and job creation could flow from the proposed new urbanism.

The acquisition of rights was followed by the joint appointment of Osmond Lange, urban planners and architects, and Arup to develop a concept and deliver the first phase of the precinct.

Urban planning of the development included the aquisition of a basket of development rights and the introduction of a ‘super basement’ to achieve approximately 12,000 parking bays.

Guidelines and frameworks were established for the urban fabric of private and public spaces, integration of mixed uses and assembly of implementation teams. A process of architectural competitions was introduced to achieve diversity in this area.

A comprehensive business plan was prepared to achieve a ‘balanced’ development, a project office established on site and cost management processes fully integrated with the clients financial systems.