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Merdeka 118, Kuala Lumpur

The new tallest building in Malaysia will redefine the KL skyline

Merdeka 118 is a mixed-development project, which will be developed in three stages on 19-acres of land and is expected to be fully completed in year the 2024. First phase of the project comprises of a 118-storey iconic tower and a shopping mall, with a gross development value of RM5 billion.

The Merdeka 118 tower boasts 83 levels of office space, 16 levels of luxury hotel and the remaining floors will accommodate the sky lobby, observation deck, restaurants, podium and amenities.This high-profile, diamond-shaped mega tall skyscraper is currently under construction in Kuala Lumpur.

Project Summary

118 storey tower


292,000m2 gross floor area

The site is surrounded by historical landmarks, namely Merdeka Stadium, Stadium Negara, Chin Woo Stadium as well as pre-war school grounds of the Methodist Boys' School and the Victoria Institution.  Additionally, it is adjacent to the newly-built MRT station and bored tunnel. The presence of these adjacent structures demands that excavation works be carefully thought out with extensive geotechnical monitoring.

Excavation works dated from 2015

We delivered extensive geotechnical solutions for this mega-project that lies within the vicinity of historic landmarks and adjacent to a MRT bored tunnel. ”

Mohd Nazri Geotechnical Engineer

Arup is the geotechnical, civil and structural engineer for this talk-of-the-town development that will certainly make a statement upon completion.

The 118-storey mega tall tower is founded on pile foundations, comprising 137 reinforced concrete bored piles of 2.2m diameter of 60m length. Besides minimizing the overall pile installation duration, we ensured the construction of the bored piles was carried out in continuous operations.

800mm thick self-supporting, circular cofferdam wall

A distinct feature in the tower construction is the use of an 800mm thick circular cofferdam wall of 76m diameter as an embedded retaining system to facilitate 17m of obstruction-free excavation down to the pile cut off level.  The circular shape allows the cofferdam to be self-supporting through the mobilisation of hoop stress without struts or ground anchors. To ensure that it worked, detailed attention was given to the overall excavation sequence to avoid asymmetry/unbalanced forces.

Minimising settlement and lateral movement of adjacent historical landmarks

A combination of conventional bottom-up and top-down construction method was adopted for the 5-level deep car park basement. With this construction approach, the settlement and lateral movement have been significantly reduced to preserve the integrity of the historical landmarks and surrounding structures including Merdeka Stadium, Stadium Negara ,the existing MRT station and KVMRT bored tunnel.

As part of the development footprint lies adjacent to a MRT bored tunnel route, the Arup team coordinated closely with the local authorities and tunnel designer to comply with stringent local Railways Act requirements to ultimately achieve a seamless connectivity for patrons.