Meridian Water station at night showing illuminated roof and tower. ; Meridian Water station at night showing illuminated roof and tower. ;

Meridian Water station, Enfield, London

Meridian Water station: a new gateway for London

The newly opened Meridian Water station will serve up to four million commuters per year, with fast connections to Stratford to link with London Underground services, as well as onward journeys to City Airport and Liverpool Street station.

The £46 million project was funded by Enfield Council and the Greater London Authority, in partnership with Network Rail. Arup was the lead designer for detailed design to completion (GRIP stages 5-8) collaborating with the design and build contractor Volker Fitzpatrick. The station is the linchpin for the Council’s £6bn Meridian Water development which will see 10,000 new homes built.

Community focused design

The station echoes Enfield Council’s ambition for high quality design and connectivity for the area’s regeneration. The ticket hall and concourse are located on a bridge spanning the West Anglia Mainline and provide step-free access from the street to platforms. The bridge provides residents with 24-hour public access across the railway line to link the development. A gold roof and two towers act as beacons illuminated at night to make an inviting gateway to Meridian Water.

Arup led the design coordination, managing a multidisciplinary team plus architectural subconsultant Scott Brownrigg, and over 10 external design firms involved in the project.

A key challenge of the project was to make sure the station could be constructed safely over an operational railway, which involved close coordination with Network Rail.

Project Summary

4 million commuters per annum

The station’s interior in the evening.

The benefits of BIM

BIM (Building Information Modelling) and extensive prefabrication ensured safe, high-quality construction over the operational railway. A cohesive design team of designers, approval authorities and stakeholders were engaged in the BIM process, allowing the project to be completed at speed. The 3D BIM model approach saved over £250,000 in costs, and will play a role in the future of the station as an asset management tool and virtual reality model, assisting with staff training and signal sighting.

Brownfield site development

In a separate Meridian Water commission, Arup’s specialists are working for Enfield Council helping with planning, transport consulting and infrastructure design to help gain planning permission for phase one of the scheme.