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Mitchell Freeway Widening, Perth, Western Australia

A$30.9 million freeway widening of Mitchell Freeway.

The widening of Mitchell Freeway northbound from Graham Farmer Freeway to Hutton Street included the construction of a an additional lane, a new on-ramp and widening of the traffic bridges over Powis Street, Vincent Street and Scarborough Beach Road.

The additional lane on the Mitchell Freeway northbound, from Graham Farmer Freeway to Hutton Street, was constructed along the left-hand side of the freeway to Vincent Street. It then travels along the median (right-hand) side of the carriageway to Hutton Street, adjacent to the Public Transport Authority’s rail reserve and away from environmentally sensitive Lake Monger.

Constructability was integral in Arup’s design for the Mitchell Freeway Widening. Arup was heavily involved in the assessment of temporary works design solutions for the construction of the bridge widening, providing design solutions and advice to the construction team. Due to the proximity of the widened freeway to the existing rail corridor, Arup worked closely with the Public Transport Authority to ensure their design and access requirements were met.

As a part of the project Arup provided drive-through visualisations to Main Roads Western Australia (MRWA). The visualisations were uploaded to the MRWA website to enhance their public awareness campaign for the project.

As a result of the Mitchell Freeway Widening benefits delivered to commuters using the freeway include improved merging arrangements, increased northbound capacity and an improved the exit arrangement at Vincent Street.

The widening of the freeway will also mitigate the impact of major projects such as the Elizabeth Quay development which sees Riverside Drive realigned.