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App with digtial donation function uses blockchain technology.; App with digtial donation function uses blockchain technology.;

MOKLI Help Finder app, Berlin

Blockchain technology helps at-risk youth redeem donations for services via webapp

Berlin-based charities – the sister organisations „KARUNA Zukunft für Kinder und Jugendliche in Not int. e.V.“ and "KARUNA Sozialgenossenschaft eG" – have been supporting homeless children and teens for over 25 years. One of their flagship initiatives is the recently-launched MOKLI Help Finder app, which helps connect at-risk adolescents with access to critical services. The easy-to-use mobile app allows users to identify and locate basic services nearby such as soup kitchens, advice centres, day care facilities and emergency shelters. The app currently lists about 3,500 emergency aid facilities throughout Germany.

Amid a growing homelessness crisis, KARUNA is stepping up its service offering with the planned roll-out of a digital wallet feature for MOKLI that will allow users to redeem donations for access to key services, all without needing a credit card or a bank account.

NGOs embrace digital: matching donors and users through blockchain tech

The digital wallet aims to match cash donations earmarked for specific purposes – such as meals, hot showers, or a bed at a local hostel – with users in need. Facing homelessness and living in precarious conditions, a large percentage of the target at-risk group – teenagers – is unlikely to have access to a bank account, but is likely to have a smartphone. Blockchain technology is essential in ensuring that no cash changes hands. At its core, this technology enables transactions to take place between people or institutions without the need for the physical exchange of cash. Transactions are recorded in digital ledgers and safely stored in a decentralized network. For these young people, blockchain technology opens a door to access critical services with dignity and autonomy, ensuring they can access basic amenities and emergency care pre-paid for by donors.

The MOKLI help finder app was developed for young people without a permanent residence. The MOKLI help finder app was developed for young people without a permanent residence.

As blockchain consultant and project manager, Arup will be responsible for developing the digital donation solution for the MOKLI App. Our profound understanding of KARUNA’s objectives and a comprehensive know-how of blockchain technology means we can mediate between our client and the technical developers, to ensure the delivery of a seamless, high-performing solution.

As digital advisors, our deep understanding of Karuna’s vision together with our technical expertise in blockchain technology means we can ensure a targeted and efficient development process. ” Portrait of Matthias Geipel Matthias Geipel Consultant

As one of the winning projects from the 2018 Google Impact Challenge, the development of the blockchain donation functionality will be financed with the prize money. The add-on is expected to launch at the start of 2020.