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The Moreelse Bridge in Utrecht. Photo credit: Cepezed; The Moreelse Bridge in Utrecht. Photo credit: Cepezed;

Moreelse Bridge, Utrecht

Supporting the simple and pragmatic bridge design as much as possible with our services

Creating an extra connection over the rail tracks, the bicycle and pedestrian bridge is an important link in the cyclists' road network in the busy city centre of Utrecht.

We delivered the building services design, lighting design and vertical transport advice, in close collaboration with cepezed architects, supporting their simple and pragmatic concept of the bridge as much as possible.

The bridge is more of an elevated tree esplanade than a rail bridge. Only two light elements are used: the functional lighting is integrated into the rails, providing pleasant diffused light for a comfortable atmosphere while avoiding glare to the train drivers. The trees are brightly uplit as the most important element on the bridge. In addition, we delivered water drainage solutions for the trees. We incorporated drainage, water supply and electrical distribution in the bridge deck.

With a length of nearly 300m and a width of 10m, the bridge links the Croeselaan, between the Rabobank and the 'Knoop Barracks', to the Moreelse Park. The design takes the option of adding staircases to the platforms of the Central Station in the future into consideration.

The bridge was officially opened in December 2016.