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Mostoles hospital; Mostoles hospital;

Rey Juan Carlos University Hospital, Madrid

A 260 bed hospital developed by the PPP system

Móstoles Hospital is a 260 bed hospital developed as a PPP project in the Community of Madrid. 

This hospital is one of the seven hospitals developed as a Public-Private Partnership in Madrid and one of the three PFI hospitals in Spain.


When in 2006 the regional government of Madrid decided to tender the construction of a series of new public hospitals to improve the healthcare offering for the more than 6,5 million inhabitants of Madrid, PFI was a relatively new concept for the Spanish construction industry, and few new hospitals had been built in the last decades.

Capio Sanidad, following the advice of the banks that had been financing the project, commissioned Arup to provide consultancy advice both in technical aspects and PFI procedures, and supporting with technical assessment to carry one of the largest hospitals ever built in Madrid.

Key services provided

Capio Sanidad is responsible for the maintenance of the building and the medical services and appointed OHL to build the hospital and related infrastructures. Arup carried out the technical advisors on the project, and also advise on medical quality assurance to the Funders. The services provided include advices on licenses and permits, legal aspects, design, cost, planning and aspects related to the operation of the hospital among others.

The project, which was launched during the economic boom and has been completed in a time of financial crisis, is still an excellent tool for generating economic activity, creating employment and covering health assistance to 180,000 citizens in Madrid.

The building was inaugurated in 2012 and it is now considered one of the best hospitals in Madrid.