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Mount Pavilia © Arup; Mount Pavilia © Arup;

Mount Pavilia, Hong Kong

Creating the future of eco-living

Mount Pavilia is a low-density residential development that aims to create a blueprint for the future of eco-living with a new concept of ‘green & art’.

Located on the Sai Kung peninsula, often referred to as ‘Hong Kong’s back garden’, the 66,800m² site consists of 27 blocks providing 680 units, retail space and clubhouse facilities.

Arup provided a comprehensive sustainability framework covering energy, water, food, wellness and waste to realise the vision.

Project Summary

32 sustainable features

1stlandscape integrated aquaponics infrastructure in Hong Kong

145aquaponics system

Co-living with nature

A 145m² aquaponics system is embedded into the landscape design of Mount Pavilia – first of its kind in Hong Kong. This creates a balanced aquatic ecosystem whereby water from fishpond containing fish waste is used for hydroponic farming as plant nutrients, and the effluent from hydroponics is filtered and fed back to the fishpond, reducing the need for water and fertiliser.

 With a selection of diverse and native trees and plant species throughout the development, residents can enjoy the biophilic design and co-live with nature. Residents are also encouraged to participate in planting activities, enabling them to experience urban farming and interact with nature.

A 145m² aquaponics system is embedded into the landscape design of Mount Pavilia © Arup A 145m² aquaponics system is embedded into the landscape design of Mount Pavilia © Arup

Creating a sustainable community

Thirteen 3kW wind turbines and 80m² of PV panels – the largest renewable energy generation system in Hong Kong’s residential developments – supply all the energy requirements for the building common area and main lobby lighting. In addition, 30m² of solar hot water panels provide enough hot water for 50 showers per day.

A food waste conversion unit and reverse vending machines enable waste to be reused and recycled on site. A local circular economy has been reaslised here – the residents’ organic food waste can be decomposed to fertiliser for urban farming and food production.

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle

For the residential units, well-oriented design, including cross-ventilation, daylighting and solar heat gain control, is emphasised to promote a sustainable lifestyle that embraces the natural environment.

Stepped terrace gardens and corner windows maximise daylight and provide fresh air for all floors. In-house ‘conservatory’ is provided for home farming to echo with theme of eco-living.

A bike-sharing system and a 950m cycling track are provided for residents, encouraging an active lifestyle and low-carbon transportation.

Well-recognised green residentials

With our sustainability consultant services, Mount Pavilia has received numerous awards including:

  • BCI Asia Award 2018, Winner of Interior Design Awards – Residential
  • Interior Design Awards 2018, Winner of Sustainability Engineer – Residential Hong Kong
  • FuturArc Green Leadership Award 2018, Merit of Residential – Multiple Houses
  • Quality Building Awards 2018, Merit of Hong Kong Residential Multiple Building
  • Green Building Award 2019, Merit Award of New Buildings Category – Completed Projects - Residential Building

All these accolades reflect Arup’s engineering excellence in shaping the future of eco-living.