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MSD, Oss

Setting lean engineering goals for a new biotech manufacturing support centre

MSD is a key pharmaceutical company. MSD has been sharing one of its local sites in Oss, Netherlands with Aspen. This agreement of shared services is due to expire by the end of 2016, which made MSD decide to establish its own GMP-compliant Manufacturing Support Center to provide cleanroom facilities and refrigerated storage for sensitive products and materials. Our team has been working on the project since the direct appointment by the client in May 2015, providing multidisciplinary consultant services on structures, mechanical, electrical and fire life safety, with EGM Architects as sub-consultants.

To support such a time-driven schedule, our team proposed an approach with early involvement of contractors in the design of the GMP facility. Based on conceptual tender documents, selected contractors presented offers and participated in value engineering exercises on the design. This collaboration allows for a blending of design and procurement stages, offering potential gain on the project’s schedule.