Admiralty MTR station, Hong Kong; Admiralty MTR station, Hong Kong;

MTR Corporation, Hong Kong

How to stay ahead in the changing world of transport

MTR Corporation is the biggest mass transit operator in Hong Kong and a major international transport investor with interests in Sweden, Australia and the U.K.

The organisation’s leadership wanted to deepen their understanding of some of the major trends affecting mass transit globally, and identify the new skills required to take advantage of changes across the sector. Arup’s Foresight team worked with their Corporate Strategy Division to assess the market trends that would impact the firm to 2030.

Today’s urban commuters face an ever-growing range of transport options and as a result, yesterday’s assumptions about ridership, demand and profits need to be re-evaluated. Digital tools and smartphones are changing the way city dwellers plan their travel. Everything from ride-sharing to micro-scooters are upending assumptions about what city travel means. The sector is changing rapidly.

Project Summary

2030 the year used as a goal for horizon scanning

15number of megatrends analysed

30+MTR executives engaged

Ready for a changing world

Our approach was to combine research with participatory workshops. Workshop one invited the Executive Committee to discuss, prioritise and analyse a set of global mega- and sector specific trends, shaped by a broad range of social, technological, economic, and political changes. In workshop two the client was invited to discuss the key themes identified in workshop one, review and explore new global benchmarks, and agree a set of associated recommendations, actions and priorities.

Attendees at the Foresight workshop Attendees at the Foresight workshop
Facilitated by Arup's Foresight team, workshops with MTR's leadership team helped to identify key recommendations, actions and priorities.

Arup Foresight’s strong client focus, understanding of our business, and desire to collaborate allowed us to deliver a programme that has led to tangible change in the thinking and awareness of our Executive Committee. We are in the process of initiating a number for strategic initiatives that should make the MTR better prepared for the future. ” Denise Kee Former Head of Corporate Strategy, MTR Corporation Limited

The sessions have sharpened thinking for MTR’s leaders. The workshops have helped them to develop a shared vision of potential future growth, an understanding of what change looks like, and a renewed sense of how to shape their business in a rapidly changing world.

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