National Baseball Hall of Fame; National Baseball Hall of Fame;

National Baseball Hall of Fame, Cooperstown, NY

Looking to the future for a historic sports institution

Founded in 1936, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum preserves the legacy of American baseball and honors athletes who have contributed to the sport. The renovation to the Hall’s 70-year old theatre incorporates a cohesive multi-media design for a contemporary audience.

Re-imagining the Hall of Fame

Located in Cooperstown, NY, the re-designed Hall of Fame theatre positions the historic institution for the future. The project includes a complete overhaul of the 196-seat theatre that allows for flexibility in programming. The integrated lighting, audio/visual, acoustic, and IT technology provide a modern space equipped with all of the amenities needed to host press events, film screenings, broadcast, and cinematic presentations.

Through our close collaboration with the architect, Populous, the final result flawlessly complements the architectural fabric of the Hall of Fame and creates a new, revitalized asset for visitors and the surrounding community. 

Project Summary

196 seat theatre

4Kultra-high definition projection system

33loudspeakers spaced throughout theatre

Our approach combined architectural and theatre lighting to utilize a single headend resulting in cost savings and seamless ‘one-touch’ operation. The design also provides the option for multi-layered, dynamic lighting. The theatre comprises state-of-the-art technology including an ultra-high definition 4K projector, a 3D Atmos© sound system, and media walls that create an immersive experience for visitors. Together, the final design blends the historic with the modern and further enriches an iconic American institution.


The theater modernization blends state-of-the-art digital technologies with materials of the game, each enabling the Hall of Fame to take a significant step forward while remaining connected to the history of baseball ” Jonathan Mallie Principal, Populous