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National Forum of Music. Credit: Lukasz Rajchert; National Forum of Music. Credit: Lukasz Rajchert;

National Forum of Music, Wrocław

1,800-seat concert hall and three chamber halls

The National Forum of Music is the new home to several resident orchestra and ensembles including the NFM Wroclaw Philharmonic Orchestra, the Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra, the Leopoldinum Chamber Orchestra, the Lutosławski Quartet, and the Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir. In addition to the Wratislavia Cantans Festival, is also home to other internationally recognized festivals as well as other performances by major touring ensembles and orchestras.

The multi-venue facility includes an 1,800-seat concert hall and two additional halls for 120 and 250 seats; three chamber halls intended for chamber orchestra, chamber music, pop, and jazz performances; and spaces for the facility’s ten resident companies and seven resident festivals. 

The musical life of Wrocław is particularly active, covering a very broad spectrum of genres, and the life of this facility has been specifically designed to meet this challenge at the highest artistic level.


A long-term relationship

A long-term relationship

Our offices in Wrocław, New York and Amsterdam have been serving as a specialist client advisor to the City of Wroclaw since 2004; providing pre-design planning, auditorium design, theatre consulting, acoustic consulting, and audiovisual systems design services.

Pre-design planning services included visioning of the facility, programming, feasibility consulting, cost consulting, operations and business case consulting, and architectural competition support around core services in the area of designing for the performing arts. Our offices in Wrocław and Warsaw have also served as the construction engineer on the project. 

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National Forum of music National Forum of music

Eleven-year relationship supporting the City of Wrocław in the development of a landmark facility in strategic performing arts planning, acoustics, theatre and audiovisual design consulting.