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New Keeling Harbour service building; New Keeling Harbour service building;

New Keelung Harbour Service Building, Keelung, Taiwan

A gateway to Taiwan

Lying on the northern coast of Taiwan, the Port of Keelung with a site area of 49,803m² is able to handle peak hour flow of 1,500 passengers, making it Taiwan's largest port of entry.

As a gateway to Taiwan, the new complex will feature a 250m long, 3-storey terminal building of 153,000m² that will serve local and foreign visitors and large cruise ships berthed; a 13-storey of 55,000m² Authority office complex and car parking spaces for about 1,000 cars.

Arup provides engineering services on traffic and logistics and building services for planning and basic design stages to realise Neil M. Denari Architects — Fei and Cheng Associates' winning design.

Project Summary

3storey terminal building

1,500passengers flow in peak hour

13storeyauthority office complex

The design philosophy

The design philosophy is to harmonise this multi-functional port facility with the city and the regional environment characterised by its wet climate and a lush green collar surrounding its 350,000 inhabitants.

The building will bring together all departments of the port and connect to the Keelung train station and the nearby urban renewal projects, forming a comprehensive sea, rail and road transportation network.