Exterior shot of the new passenger terminal at Zagreb International Airport; Exterior shot of the new passenger terminal at Zagreb International Airport;

New Passenger Terminal, Zagreb International Airport, Zagreb

5.5 million passengers per annum

The new Zagreb International Airport terminal building has been designed for an annual passenger throughput of 5.5 million passengers per annum, with added resilience to allow further extension to accommodate 8 million passengers. The terminal was constructed by MZLZ (a consortium of Bouygues Bâtiment International, Aeroports de Paris Management and Viadukt) who were awarded the Airport Concession by the Croatian government in December 2013 to operate the airport for a 30-year period, including the Design and Build of a new terminal building.

Arup was appointed to act as the Independent Engineer for the New Passenger Terminal at Zračna Luka Airport in Zagreb, Croatia. The team reviewed designs for compliance with local and international standards. We were responsible for tracking performance, quality and compliance of the construction works over the lifetime of the project and also supervised and witnessed the testing and completion of elements of the works as they developed. Arup also acted as Employer's Representative and Supervising Engineer since project conception.

Project Summary

65,000 passenger terminal

5.5millionpassengers per annum

100aircraft serviced without incident on opening day

Arup reported jointly to the Concessionaire (MZLZ) and also the Grantor (Croatian Ministry of Transport), providing monthly reports of compliance and performance tracking.

The project consisted of:

The project consisted of:

  • A new passenger terminal of 65,000m2, initially planned for 5.5m passengers, compliant with IATA optimal service level;

  • A new apron of 100,000m2, including eight contact stands and taxi-lanes;

  • A new rapid exit and two new taxiways, as well as airside service roads;

  • A drainage system to existing runway and taxiways;

  • Landside access roads, an elevated departures curb and parking facilities.

The terminal was constructed by Bouygues Bâtiment International, with construction starting in April 2013. The full service opening took place on 28 March 2017. After six months of testing and commissioning, and a further three months of ORAT, more than 100 aircraft were serviced without incident on opening day. This was the first major project for Arup Ireland in Croatia.