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New T2 Mumbai Airport, Mumbai

Seamless cutover of New T2 operations.

Arup led the entire Operational Readiness Activation and Transiation (ORAT) process at Mumbai Airport’s new Terminal 2 – helping to transform the building from a construction site to a fully operational environment.

Designed to handle 40 million passengers a year, the new terminal is effectively built over the top of the old terminal. This makes it part of the world’s most constrained airport development programme.

Project Summary

40 airlines operating with no no suspension during the transition

40 millionThe new terminal is effectively built over the top of the old terminal serving more passenger in a year.

Ensuring complete operational readiness

So that everything would run smoothly for the ten million passengers using the new facility each year, we put in place robust governance. This ensured effective, informed decision-making where critical risks and issues are escalated quickly.

Everyone and everything had to be completely ready for the transition. We set up a project management office to manage the ORAT process, policies and procedures. We also got all stakeholders to support a single integrated plan for making the new terminal operational.

Training and familiarisation ensured all staff knew where to go, what to do and how things work. And trials demonstrated that the people, processes, facilities and systems were ready for live operations.

Once we were certain that all critical facilities and systems worked as expected, we were ready for migration and the opening day transition.  Ensuring everything moved to the new terminal on time meant the cutover of operations was seamless.

Behind the success of the project was a team of specialist Arup consultants from across the globe who were also able to recommend future operational improvements.