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Nieuwe Nobelaer; Nieuwe Nobelaer;

Nieuwe Nobelaer, Etten-Leur

Compact design for a changing theatre climate

Cultural institute ‘Nieuwe Nobelaer’ needed a new building. The design of the new housing will be responsive to the changing needs and circumstances of the contemporary theatres. The main auditorium will have retractable seating and all spaces are being designed for multiple uses. All studios will be visible and accessible from the foyer, which acts as the central living room, and can be used for public purposes.

Analysis of the logistical processes and enhancing mutual cross pollination between the several cultural disciplines were key to the layout of the plan. The result is a very compact design, using a diabolo shape for the central area in the building. Large glass surfaces in the façade and roof lights will provide abundant daylight and connect the inside to the outside world.

The program comprises of a black box theatre, a small auditorium, a library, rehearsal and education studios, music studios and offices. Construction starts in 2018 and is expected to be finished in 2019.