NKT Cables, Cologne

Designed to manage risk at all project lifecycle stages

NKT Cables, a global supplier of power cables to the energy sector primarily in Europe and China, required a cost-effective risk management system to secure share of the high voltage offshore turnkey market.

Following that purpose, Arup designed a system that takes into account best practice across numerous industry sectors. The system, scalable to suit projects of risk significance and complexity, allows NKT to manage risk at all project lifecycle stages from decision-to-bid through to financial close.

Arup also provided for the systems continual improvement, including a historical risk database to inform future, comparable projects. Finally, to help ensure its adoption, we provided wide-reaching awareness training and more focused training for practitioners of the risk management system.

Arup helped us to develop a risk management system which was based on best practice, yet tailored to suit the specific needs of our organisation. ” Joern Scharenberg Director of Engineering, NKT Cables

The final product was a tailored project risk management system that complement NKT system of internal control and safeguards against risks to their financial returns and reputation in the marketplace.