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North East New Territories landfill extension, Hong Kong

A comprehensive study to expand the capacity of landfill sites

The North East New Territories (NENT) landfill, together with those of the West New Territories and the South East New Territories, was originally intended to accommodate waste in Hong Kong up to the year 2020. However, waste disposal at these three strategic landfills took place at a much higher rate than expected and there was serious concern that they would run out of capacity in the near future.

As a first step to tackle the problem, the Hong Kong government decided to extend the NENT Landfill to provide an additional capacity of 21m cubic metres, almost doubling its existing capacity.

Arup was appointed to undertake a feasibility study for this project, including site formation design, cell preparation, leachate treatment, landfill gas flaring, and facilities for waste reception/recycling. Environmental impact, drainage impact and other impact assessments were also carried out.

Project Summary

3 strategic landfills in Hong Kong urgently need for expansion

21m³additional capacity, almost doubling its existing capacity.

3D visualisation model

To foster community support and general consensus on the project, stakeholder engagement measures were taken continuously. A project website was launched to serve as a communication channel for the public. A 3D visualisation model, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, was formulated to improve public understanding of  the project and associated environmental issues and to facilitate public involvement in the environmental impact assessment process.

Expanding the NENT Landfill to provide an additional capacity of 21 cubic metres, almost doubling its existing capacity.