Northern Way Carbon Capture Storage, North of England

Examining the potential for CCS in the north of England.

The Northern Way brings together partners across the north of England to work together to improve the economic performance of the region and re-balance the UK's economy. The organisation's innovation programme is particularly focused on making the most of the opportunities offered by innovation in emerging markets and technologies.

Arup deployed a team to consider the economic potential and business opportunities for firms in the north of England to develop supply chain capabilities in carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Drawing upon Arup’s expertise in economics and energy, and collaborating with the Centre for Process Industries, the work examined the physical assets in the region and the industrial base, technical challenges and global developments in CCS.

The findings were well received by Yorkshire Forward, the North West Development Agency and One NorthEast and have realised investment opportunities within the Northern Way Innovation Programme.

The project suggests that there is a potential for a £26m Research and Development programme, including industry contributions of around £13m, to grow supply chain expertise in CCS technologies.