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OATSIH Capital Works Programme, Australia

Improving the lives of thousands of indigenous Australians.

The OATSIH Capital Works Programme is improving the lives of thousands of indigenous Australians and the working conditions of health facility staff. The programme provides health infrastructure that is built and designed to be durable, locally sustainable and appropriate to the cultural and physical environment.

It also encourages community development and ownership and enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations to provide high quality health care services that meet the changing needs of their communities.

As programme manager, Arup manages more than 200 projects around Australia with a total capital value of over A$220m. The team of up to 15 programme managers oversees projects – ranging in value from A$100,000 to A$8m – in each State and Territory, providing OATSIH with professional, strategic, technical and management advice and support.

Project Summary

200 projects around Australia

A$220mtotal capital value

Arup's successful management of the programme has provided communities with health facilities that improve life circumstances and give hope for the future. Local people have the opportunity to work on construction projects and be placed in trade apprenticeship programmes. Community consultation sessions promote decision sharing between programme stakeholders, including state and federal government, health organisations and local community members. Staff living conditions have improved through better security, clinic equipment and general facilities, thereby reducing staff turnover.