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Okinawa National Theatre, Okinawa

Preserving and promoting Okinawa’s traditional performing arts.

The National Theatre Okinawa was built as a place to preserve and promote Okinawa’s traditional performing arts. Taking advantage of its geographic location, the theatre also serves as a platform for traditional cultural exchanges with other Asian-Pacific countries.

This 14,700m2 complex consists of two auditoria and research facilities for the traditional Kumiodori dance (established since the 18th century).

沖縄伝統芸能の保存振興を図る目的で計画された劇場。 沖縄伝統芸能の保存振興を図る目的で計画された劇場。
National Theatre Okinawa is designed to preserve and promote Okinawa’s traditional performing arts.

Inspired by local houses, the building design is a blend of tradition and modernity. The building is covered by lattice-work concrete walls that arch overhead and a red-tile roof which highlights the floating nature of the design.

The building structure makes full use of precast and prestressed concrete. The four elevations of the square building are entirely covered with a series of angular grillage concrete cladding units, which creates an overhanging shading effect.